Roof Cleaning

Our Roof Cleaning Process
We use low-pressure cleaning and eco-friendly detergents to safely remove contaminants and tough stains from the shingles. You should avoid power washing your roof as the intense water pressure can deteriorate the shingles and the protective coating of granules on the surface and make your roof susceptible to early damage from the elements.

With soft washing, your rooftop is well taken care of. The detergents we use consist of a mixture of sodium hypochlorite and water and are safe for plants. To further protect your nearby plants, we spray and rinse them with water before, during and after the job and will even cover them with tarp if needed.

We begin by applying the detergents to the shingles, allow them to sit and soak on the surface for about 10 minutes to give it time to break down those ugly stains. Then, we finish by thoroughly rinsing the shingles. To do this, we attach a wide spray tip to the end of a pressure washer hose to lower the water pressure for a gentle rinse. Your rooftop will be left clean and damage-free.